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Quality Policy

The quality policy of the company is supported and determined by the management. It applies to all areas of the company.

It is a work instruction for all levels of the company. Every employee bears qualitative responsibility for the services he or she performs. It is his duty to meet these requirements in accordance with the guidelines and instructions given.

We see it as a corporate objective to provide high-quality services in accordance with the specifications and guidelines of our customers and to develop, produce and market sophisticated products that meet the requirements of our customers in the long term and offer maximum safety for the users.Our risk management process extends over the entire life cycle of our products. Criteria for the acceptance of risks are defined and documented on the basis of applicable regulations and standards, the generally recognised state of the art and the input of the risk management process participants.

Within the framework of legal and economic possibilities, we react quickly and flexibly to special requests from our customers. For all business relations (customers & suppliers) we want to be a reliable partner. At the same time we strive to increase productivity, to

zero-defect quality and the prevention of accidents in the company.

To this end, methods, processes and production equipment are used that correspond to the state of the art in science and technology. All steps of product development, service and production are planned, realized and documented according to our specifications, taking into account and complying with standards and legal regulations.

Trained, motivated and qualified personnel carry out the necessary work in all areas of the company. The knowledge and qualifications of our employees are kept up to date through regular training. We achieve the quality of our products, but also of our entire services, by planning all necessary measures and by systematically monitoring all processes during product development.
We commit ourselves to fulfil the specified requirements and to ensure the functionality and
to maintain the effectiveness of the QM system.
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