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RBI GmbH & LEAS GmbH now operate jointly under the name JRC Mobility Germany GmbH
We are pleased to inform you that RBI GmbH and LEAS GmbH will operate under the name JRC Mobility Germany GmbH with immediate effect. Strategic considerations have led us to the conviction that this merger will only offer advantages for you, as well as for us. The culture and know-how of RBI and LEAS will of course be retained. But we are joining forces and will thus be able to work even faster and more efficiently and offer you an even better service.
As a result of the merger, the areas of automation in testing, voice control, engineering, electronics development and production as well as logistics, manufacturing, customs, warehousing, shipping, picking and finishing will all come from a single source. In addition, new innovations from the JRC Mobility Group in Japan will be available to us both now and after the merger.

Also important for you, the persons in charge after the merger are:
  • Takeshi Sunagawa (CEO) as chief executive officer
  • Stergios Fotakakis (CSO) in the strategic and logistical area
  • András Bakacs (CBO) in the corporate and testing area
If you have any questions, our team as well as the two managing directors will be happy to answer them personally. Address and telephone availability of your known contact persons will not change. You can still reach Mr. Bakacs (phone +49 177 88 68 848) and Mr. Fotakakis (phone +49 172 60 65 921) under the numbers you already know. The e-mail addresses will be changed from 1st of June 2023, please note our notice in the e-mail signature. The existing e-mail addresses will remain valid until the end of 2023. We ask you to use the new company name in our business correspondence and to adapt it in your system. Should further changes be forthcoming, we will inform you in a timely manner.
We thank you for your trust and look forward to a continued good cooperation with you.

Kind regards,
JRC Mobility Germany GmbH

Notice of Change of President & CEO of rbi GmbH
rbi GmbH announces Takeshi Sunagawa, Deputy GM of JRC Mobility Inc., will succeed Takuya Noda as President and CEO from January 1, 2023 while Takuya Noda will become President and CEO of JRC Mobility Inc. on the same date.
Company history
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Sunagawa Takeshi

Around 95 permanent employees


JRC Mobility Group


Takeover of the business shares by the Japan Radio Cooperation Mobility Group.
A company of Nisshinbo Holding Inc.
Branche Office Korea


Opening of an rbi branch office in Korea
Römerstr. 13



ISO certification
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
Construction of an extension building
(vehicle hall & conference)


Official Daimler Test House
2nd floor extension


Start Test Automation Speech Control / Speech Recognition
Aufstockung 2.OG


Start Testautomatisierung Sprachbedienung / Spracherkennung
Move to own company building


First Testing Order Bosch Comand
Relocation to Römerstr.18


First Voice Dialog System / HMI Testing Order
Legal form GmbH


Listed supplier of DaimlerChrysler AG
Founded by Roman Berner


Development of measuring and testing equipment and
Testing machines for various products
Are you looking for a reliable, committed and innovative partner? Then you have found it.
We do not want to shine with words, but with deeds. Just as we have been doing since the company was founded in 1994. Since that time we have been offering innovative solutions for complex technical tasks.
At the beginning as a one-man business, in the meantime as a company with a total of about 95 highly motivated employees.
We have grown with our customers without losing our strength: fast and competent solutions from a single source on the basis of highly individual support.
This was the philosophy when rbi GmbH was founded. And it will remain so
Why rbi
With us you will find both the engineering knowledge and the craftsmanship, all from one source. What do you get out of it? Less work, more competence.
You don't have to turn to different companies for the different development steps. You can rely on our networked knowledge.
From the first to the last step. From development to implementation and support. And it's not always about reinventing technology - it's about finding individual solutions for your task.
The basis for this is cybernetics, the science of the structure of complex systems. That sounds very theoretical. rbi is the practical answer to it. Our strength is to design these complex systems in a practical way.
Success Story
To explain the philosophy of rbi GmbH, it is best to tell its story. It is also the story of Roman Berner. Some think he is a Swabian tinkerer. Others for a progressive spirit. And for some he is above all a competent business partner. They are right. Roman Berner is a man with many facets.
Even if the tinkerer still predominates when the graduate engineer founded the company in 1994. His first company headquarters alone proves this: the basement of his parents' house. There he has an office, test laboratory and workshop in one.
Right from the start, customers appreciate his friendly manner, his creativity, his broad knowledge - and especially his solution-oriented competence. This has not changed until today.
In the meantime, rbi GmbH has long since moved to a new location and employs about 80 people who develop, experiment and above all: find fast and innovative solutions for their customers. The one-man business has become a sustainable company.
True to the motto: Continue the tried and tested, develop the tried and tested further - and be open to new ways.
25 years of rbi GmbH
Company brochure
Pearls of the economy
Articles about rbi GmbH 2007 / 2008
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